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February. 23. 2020
How Versatile is your Styling Cream?
Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind?  
" Every time I go outside, my hair gets frizzy, the humidity ruins my hair." 
" AHHH, the flyaways, there's too much static in my hair." 
" I 've tried so many products nothing seems to work."  
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February. 17. 2020
Natomy Beauty | Relaxation | Education How to book online for free, pay after service.
A matter of convenience. Online appointments made easy. One of the biggest advantages of online booking is that they are always open for business. You can accept bookings 24/7 so your customers don't have to wait until the next day to make a reservation or turn to one of your competitors. It's simple for clients to change or cancel online reservations.
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February. 16. 2020
Glowing Skin, Luscious Hair, Eat These 19 Foods Everyday

Almonds are rich in flavonoids and Vitamin E, both essential for great skin. They also help get rid of oxidative damage (for those who smoke) and also help the body protect free radicals. And since almonds also have protein, manganese and selenium, they're the ultimate tool for shiny hair. 

Glowing Skin, Luscious Hair, Eat These 19 Foods Everyday

Here are the top 6 of 19 healthy foods you can eat to make sure you've got great skin and hair: 

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