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July. 29. 2020
Happy Defrizz Day
Jenney stood for a moment gawking at Tess's hair and said, "Your hair looks good, hear put on this bandanna and wait;" one finger pointing to the sky.
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April. 05. 2020
Thermal Hydrating Facial Mask Key Ingredients "Caviar"
Thermal Hydrating Facial Mask
Do you have to kill the fish to get caviar?
The answer is "No." Thanks to German Marine Biologist Angela Kohler, there is a way to extract caviar without killing it. Caviar is fish eggs (also known as fish roe), from the sturgeon fish family. Caviar's number one benefit? helps to prevent collagen and elastin breakdown." It works wonders on lessening the appearance of wrinkles. It contains hydrating elements such as the fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. "Omega-3 and omega-6 play an essential role in the integrity and barrier function of the skin. They provide moisture and leave behind a beautiful glow, making skin appear more radiant and youthful.
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April. 04. 2020
Why Green Tea is Good for Your Hair and Skin
Everyday Styling Cream: Why Green Tea is good for your hair and skin.
Reduces skin inflammation, some hair products dehydrate your skin leaving your hands and scalp dry, tight and itchy.
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About Natomy

The story of Natomy and Jojoba Oil | Enrich your hair with Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is a wonderful naturally occurring substance that has remarkably similar chemical properties to sebum oil that your skin produces every day.
Studies have shown that jojoba oil mimics the natural oils produced by your skin and is absorbed rapidly when applied. This makes it an excellent medium to deliver vital nutrients to replenish and repair your hair and follicles producing healthy luxurious hair.
Natomy has created a dynamic line of hair styling products for use at home that treats your hair with herbal and botanical extracts with each and every use. 
We have infused high quality Jojoba Oil with selected herbs and botanical extracts to deliver vitamins, UV filters, and antioxidants to replenish, cleanse, protect and deeply moisturize your hair.
Our potent formulation with ultra high levels of active ingredients heightens the effectiveness of the herbs and botanical extracts for speedy results. 
Natomy products are extremely gentle and work best for people with sensitive skin and hair types.
People who are sensitive to harsh detergents and chemicals found in many personal and hair care products are safe with Natomy
All Natomy products are free of Parabens, Propylene Glycolis, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryal Sulfate, and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate
"Healthy Hair Is Beautiful Hair "
Our credo "I Am, I Think, I Will," is the basis of the Key Principle Ingredients for all our products:
My Spirit
My Hard Work
My Discipline
My Personal Legend."
"Love Your Hair." 
Enriched with Jojoba Oil to add softness and moisture to your hair.
More active ingredients
No harsh chemicals
Protects color treatments
Tame hard to manage hair
Kind to Keratin treatments
    Naturally Good, No fuss, It works.


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