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4 Tips to Better Manage Curly Hair

4 Tips to Better Manage Curly Hair 

Summer and naturally curly wavy hair don’t mix well especially if you live somewhere with a lot of humidity. It can become tricky – trying to keep your curly hair looking spectacular in the summertime instead of a giant ball of frizz! What’s more, you won’t know what to expect with your mane of curls until disaster really strikes. Why is that?

Have thicker and beautifully coiled ringlets? These will double in size due to summertime humidity. Finer curls will fall flat. There are plenty of tips that can help maintain even the most unruly of curly wavy hair! Just follow them diligently.

4 Tips to Better Manage Curly Hair  1) Determine Your Hair Texture

This is really important. Knowing the texture of your hair will allow you to treat your locks for better management. All you have to do is look in the mirror and answer these questions:

  • Do hair strands stick near shoulders?
  • Do hair strands reach out in all directions?

You will have to deal with different challenges with different hair textures! For example: fine hair needs to hold (in one position) while coarse hair require frizz protection. Talk to Natomy Beauty about your hair’s requirements.  

4 Tips to Better Manage Curly Hair 2) Condition Your Curls –Always

Your main objective during the humid summertime is to keep curly hair hydrated and healthy. Hair becomes frizzy in the heat and humidity because strands are dry and damaged. Moisture from the air is absorbed by these strands, promoting frizzy hair. It is important to hydrate your curls from the inside!

Find a conditioner that is specifically designed for taming curly hair. Lather in the shower and leave in for a few minutes. Your curls will become soft, defined and healthy!  

4 Tips to Better Manage Curly Hair  3) Just Out of the Shower? Do NOT Towel Dry!

It’s pretty tempting to just flip your head over and rub hair like a madman with a towel. After all, who has the time to properly dry wet curly hair? It becomes a jungle of knots and tangles after a shower!

Do not towel dry your hair; instead eliminate possible frizz by gently patting your head with a towel. You can make sure no tangles form during sleep by investing in satin pillowcases.

4 Tips to Better Manage Curly Hair 4) Stay Away From Excessive Heat This Summer

Excessive use of hair straightening and blow drying tools especially during the summer can damage your hair beyond repair.

Yes, hairs styling heating tools are a curly haired girl’s best friend but practice moderate usage during summer. Avoiding excessive heat will maintain curly hair, locking moisture inside follicles to promote a healthy mane.

Find the best treatment solution for curly hair repair and rejuvenation at Natomy Beauty! Let your hair shine.

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