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5 Things You Should Know When Growing out Your Hair

5 Things You Should Know When Growing out Your Hair

Tired of that short bob you’ve been rocking since high school? Perhaps now is the time 5 Things You Should Know When Growing out Your Hairto grow them out!

But how do you make sure that the long process of growing your hair doesn’t drive you nuts?

Natomy provides 5 Things You Should Know When Growing out Your Hair

Tricks to Growing Your Hair Out

Remember that They Won’t Grow Overnight

Hair usually grows a quarter of an inch or slightly more each month. Instead of wishing upon a star and lathering large amounts of products in your hair each night, the best thing you can do to aid hair growth is simply maintain its health.

Use the right products and maintain a healthy diet so that you don’t get any split ends. But more than that; maintain your patience!

Get Trims

Regular trims DO NOT make your hair grow faster. But they do help keep your split 5 Things You Should Know When Growing out Your Hairends from working their way up. Extreme split ends can cause your hair to become shorter and weaker. Asking your stylist to trim your hair every 10-12 weeks; you’ll be able to prevent any split end issues before they even start.

Take Care When Brushing

Constant brushing doesn’t actually make your hair smooth. On the contrary, brushing your hair more than usual can cause damage to your locks.

We usually brush from the scalp down, but this causes the smaller knots to become tangled, and when we yank that out, we break off a lot of hair. Using proper tools such as a thermal round brush will keep your hair glossy and soft.

NEVER Wrap Your Hair in a Large Towel

When you wrap your hair in a large towel, the strands get caught in the woven fibers of the fabric, causing it to rip when you take towel off. Also, since we usually wrap our large towels too tight, the knot causes the small strands of hair around our face to break as well. If you want to keep your hair properly wrapped up, a soft microfiber towel would 5 Things You Should Know When Growing out Your Hairwork best for you.

Use Your Conditioner with Your Shampoo

Now, if you’re using Natomy products for hair care, we know you’ll be using the conditioner each time. But if you’re prone to using other products, we highly recommend that you use the conditioner so that your hair stays protected.

Over time, rough handling of our locks (hair dying, styling, tight hairdos) can cause the hair shafts to become weak and brittle. Using the conditioner will prevent your hair for getting any such damage.

We know how frustrating it can be when your hair just refuses to grow. But here at Natomy, we assure you that once you start following our advice and exercise a little patience, you will achieve that long, graceful and luscious look!

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