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Having frizzy hair can be a nightmare.

Having frizzy hair can be a nightmare.



It’s a constant string of bad hair days as your hair gets out of control and is almost impossible to style.

There are many causes of frizzy hair, however the most frequent culprit is dryness. Basically the hair cuticle is swollen due too environment, over use of styling tools, receiving chemically treatments and genetics. Your hair is lacking moisture and natural oils. I say "Healthy hair is beautiful hair" Replenish your hair's natural oils and loss of moisture, you will discover less frizz, more shine, healthier looking happier hair.

Natomy has developed a step by step solution to Replenishing natural oils and inject moisture back into your hair. Each step and product has been designed to work together to maximize the stages of replenishing your hair back to a much calmer state.

A step by step solution
STEP 1. Glossing Balm
At Night use Glossing Balm. Soak Glossing Balm throughout hair and allow to rest in hair overnight. Shampoo out following morning. It will moisturize and strengthen overnight, replenish and repair damaged frizzy hair prior to cleanse.

STEP 2. Natural Calm Shampoo
In the morning cleanse with Natural Calm Shampoo. Apply to wet hair, gently massage and rinse thoroughly. Natural Calm Shampoo is a natural balance system of emollients and natural extracts helps your hair maintain moisture and shine. Deeply replenishing with Jojoba Oil, emollients, and vitamins keeps your hair rich and easy to manage.

STEP 3. Express Treatment Conditioner
Apply Express Conditioning Treatment to hair that has been cleansed. Spread evenly and massage into hair. Leave for a 3 minutes, emulsify and rinse thoroughly. This intensive treatment penetrates deeply to repair and nourish damaged chemically treated or hard to manage.

STEP 4. Smoothing Serum
Use Smoothing Serum to moisturize and strengthen your hair. Also to create a natural glossy polished look. Excellent for blow drying and smoothing out hair or removing static when finishing. For all hair types. For Thick, Coarse, Textured Hair (Mid-Lengths and Ends Only): On damp towel dried hair press two pumps of Replenishing Smoothing Serum, massage into mid-lengths and ends. Comb through and style as desired.

You can expect to see results of less frizz hair after about 10 days. 

Professional Hint: Hair frizz can also appear if you touch your hair too often as well as combing and scrunching curly hair. Use a good stying products to set your hair the less you touch and play with your hair the less friction the less frizz.

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