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Ask The Pros – How to Add Volume To Thin Hair

Ask The Pros – How to Add Volume To Thin Hair

Blame it on your hormones; blame it on heredity, or blame it on the years of abuse laid by hot-styling tools.

Thin hair is a common condition, and there is nothing you can do about this ugly truth—except deal with your extra-fine hair with these volumizing tricks!

Ask The Pros – How to Add Volume To Thin Hair

Is Your Hair Oily Or Dry?

This is usually the first consideration when choosing a shampoo; it’s especially important to consider the same when dealing with thin hair. Have oily and fine hair? Choose the shampoo accordingly as it will gently remove excess oil and lightly moisturize without weighing your fine hair down.


Wash hair less frequently for oily hair. On the other hand, invest in a dry shampoo for usage on your off hair washing days.

Ask The Pros – How to Add Volume To Thin Hair

Style Hair against the Opposite Direction

Look at the mirror and decide which direction your hair stays flat. Remember to always style hair in the opposite direction. How will this help? Doing this will create much needed lift at the roots. This nifty tip will work the best when paired with styling products meant to increase volume at the roots while keeping hair in place.

Ask The Pros – How to Add Volume To Thin Hair

Natomy Beauty’s Firm Hold Volumizing Gel is a great hair styling product. The Volumizing Mousse also offers flat hair long lasting volume and control.  

Use a Volume Building Hair Treatment

Incorporating a volume building hair treatment into your routine will help increase much-needed volume in your hair. Such treatments normally include good shampoo and conditioner selection. Experts suggest using clear or translucent products, not heavily loaded with chemicals.

 Choosing nature’s path is often the better decision so choose hair care and styling products that are made from natural ingredients. It is quite possible to find a good volume-building shampoo that also offers gentle cleansing. Natomy Beauty’s Moisture Care shampoo is perfect for fine, flat or dry hair type.


Helpful Tip on Using Conditioner

Apply only to the bottom half (or third) of your hair. Also make sure to rinse hair extra-thoroughly.

Blow Dry Hair Upside Down

Skip the hair brush for this. Drying hair upside down (air or blow drying) will help lift strands away from the scalp. Lock in the easily found volume even further by flipping your head down and spraying or applying some volumizing product.

 Caring for fine, thin hair is simple—if you have the right help. Natomy Beauty helps women deal with different hair types. Order our products today and experience the difference!


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