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Basics of Growing Hair Without Protective Styling

Here are some simple to follow and effective hair care tips that promote fast and healthy growth, without protective styling.

1. Always Finish Your Shower with a Cold Rinse

Keeping your hair moisturized is essential when it comes to growing hair. Yet, even the most ardent efforts won’t help if applied moisture isn’t locked in the cuticle!

Remember to condition every time you shampoo your hair. Lock in this moisture by finishing your shower with a cold rinse. How will this help?

Cold water is known to close the hair cuticle, which then helps seal the hair and prevents damage.

Other health benefits of giving yourself a cold rinse maybe even go into the cold shower challenge. 

"Taking you out of your comfort zone."

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2. Vitamin D Is Good For Your Hair – Get Some Sunshine

Sunshine and good hair growth go together hand in hand. A study of vitamin D deficiency in alopecia areata shows that vitamin D has the ability to maintain cells and aid in hair growth. Additionally, vitamin D is essential for the growth of new hair follicles.

There are two ways to get vitamin D—from moderate intake of sunshine or vitamin D supplements. Overdoing will damage your hair, so consult with a professional before choosing this option.

3. Don’t Wear Hair Loose Outside If Windy

Windy conditions ruin the appearance of long and unbound hair faster than you can say hair care…

Windy conditions and long hair don’t mix, ever tried detangling hair after going out on a windy day will let you know why it’s better to bound long hair.

Make a simple bun using a clip takes only 20 seconds and 2 more to take the bun down! Another alternative is braided hair which is super cute, wearable, and you can experiment.    



Read any hairstyling blog and you’ll be left wondering, is that really necessary?

Over here, ‘that’ in question is protective styling—a revolutionary product that has made styling easy, for all hair types.

Another question most women ask regarding protective hair styling products is: can there be fast and long hair growth without protective hairstyling?

Short Answer – Yes, But With Caution

The basics of growing Hair without protective styling products, while important components of hairstyling, help to achieve smooth, perfectly styled hair keeping protection in mind.

It’s often touted as one of the major helpers of rapid and long hair growth by women with naturally long hair! You can also possibly retain your hair length without drying out the cuticles. Keep caution in mind when going without protective styling products! And also keep the following in mind:

 Proper moisturizing of your hair's mid-lengths and ends. 

The appearance of your hair largely depends on the health of the cuticle i.e. A sheath protecting the whole hair strand. This should be kept strongly in your mind when beginning your hair growth journey!

A healthy cuticle layer is important for long hair growth. However, excessive heat styling, shampooing, and coloring can damage this layer, discouraging rapid and long hair growth.

Do you want to know the secret of a healthy cuticle? Moisturizing and sealing the ends of your hair ends, parts of your hair that require the most care and preservation.   

Want to use a product to help reduce split ends, repair dry damaged hair, check out Natomy Styling Cream

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