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Do Blondes Have More Fun

Do Blondes Have More Fun

Do blondes really have more fun than the average colored brunette? Do natural red-heads look for attention and to be seen?

Is it really true that others view us on the basis of our chosen or natural hair color? Turns out… your hair color can convey a lot about your personality.

Whether you are a brunette for life or love making the best of your red curls, the hue and shade of your locks can affect your mood. It can also change or affect the way other people perceive you!

Do Blondes Have More Fun ? Blonde Eyed Beauties Love to Party, Brunettes like It Slow

People with blonde hair attract more attention for the simple fact that their hair color is more attractive and eye-catching.

A women with lighter colored hair will turn heads when she walks in the room, same as a man with blond colored tresses is considered ‘boy next door’. People are going to take note of you.

The problem is…people can get used to this kind of attention. They might miss their old hair color if they decide to try a new one or add lowlights. On the other hand, nothing screams more like ‘Bold’ and ‘Sensual’ than red.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and exude confidence? Try different shades of red!

People with ginger colored hair are moody, slightly unpredictable but fun loving as well. Men and women who choose to color their hair in different shades of red want to be seen and noticed. However, it’s also a color of many moods – energetic, sexy, bubbly, and quirky! You can be sure that your date isn’t a wallflower (or a pushover) if she has red hair, either natural or colored.   

Do Blondes Have More Fun ? To Color or Not To Color – That Is the Question

Coloring your hair to ash blond after being a brunette for your entire life is a tough decision to make.

You might be tempted to go through this change but it’s a huge commitment – are you ready to make it?

Do Blondes Have More Fun ? It doesn’t matter if you aren’t ready to change your hair hue completely. Master hairstylist, Theodore Perry, reckons you don’t need to make a huge change to give your locks that much needed boost.

There are so many options out their besides completely changing your hair color.

You can choose to add highlights, balayage, or lowlights are pretty trendy as well as color streaking if you are feeling particularly adventurous. Just tell your hair colorist to add warmth to your current shade of color.

Make friends with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner if you do decide to experiment with lighter and darker shades of the same hair color (or even something different). Having healthy, vibrant and colored hair is a possibility with Natomy Beauty’s hair-care solutions!

  • i love this article, because it’s Intelligent, Insightful, and Pleasantly Beautiful.

    By Ashley Elizabeth Herrick on December 30, 2019

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