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Learn How To Care For Every Hair Type!

Learn How To Care For Every Hair Type!

Taking care of our hair seems an incredibly difficult task, especially with the changing seasons.

If you have curly hair, you’ll know the anguish caused when trying to tame unruly locks during the winter or styling hair in the summer.

Your hair is an extension of you. This means consistent daily hair care routine won’t just make your locks healthy and beautiful, but let you shine like a star—whatever the hair type.

Hair care experts at Natomy Beauty suggest hair care routine should match with the specific hair type, although this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get good results! Just follow this simple hair care routine, specific to your hair type.

Important Hair Washing Tips

Many women don’t realize the damage they do to their hair by washing too much or very little. How often hair should be washed depends on type and texture. Basically the same thought goes when it comes to choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. For instance:

For Dry/Coarse Hair: Washing hair (that feels brittle) every second or third day is recommended.

For Fine/Oily Hair: Does your hair feel greasy right after the day (or the same) you washed it? This means you need to wash your hair daily.

For Normal Hair: You can get away with washing normal hair every other day, if it doesn’t feel greasy the next day, after you washed it.

The above are helpful tips on how to wash hair according to texture. Below is some more advice on how to care according to hair type. Note that different brands of hair care and styling products can also affect the health of your hair—good or bad.

How to Care For Straight Hair

Straight hair has a glossy and smooth consistency since natural oils are able to work their way easily from root to tip. This hair type doesn’t need much conditioning although women with straight hair complain about flatness or less volume. Furthermore, straight hair gets greasy much more quickly.

How to Care: Deep conditioning once a month will keep your hair soft and supple. While there are many products available in the market, it’s a good idea to use an ultra clean shampoo that provides gentle cleaning to hair. You can also utilize Natomy Beauty’s flat hair treatment for more volume. 

How to Care For Curly Hair

Full of volume, bouncy and playful, this is the dream hair type when curly hair isn’t suffering from frizz, dryness and shrinkage.

How-to Care: Hair should be washed only once or twice a week as too much shampoo can strip off moisture. You can apply some leave-in conditioner or argan oil after every wash but a better alternative is to use Natural Calm Shampoo by Natomy.

Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment once a week (a day before you wash your hair).

How to Care For Damaged Hair

Do you have damaged hair? And most importantly, can we reverse the signs of damaged hair?

Signs of Damaged Hair Are:

  • Split ends
  • Extreme breakage and ‘shedding’
  • Dullness
  • Frizzy and lack of moisture
  • Too many tangles

How to Care: Choose shampoos and conditioners that contain herbs and natural oils which will help repair damaged hair.

Most commercial shampoo and conditioner brands contain harmful chemicals that actually strip away natural protective oils, so your best bet is a gentle and natural shampoo.

Also refrain from shampooing more than twice a week as too much of it can create brittleness. Use a dry shampoo for a little pick-me up in between washings.

How you care for your hair will pay off in the long run. Your luscious healthy locks will be the source of envy for everyone. Know where to go when giving your hair special treatment. Natomy Beauty offers the best for every hair type.

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