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Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Hair Health

Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Hair Health

So we’re all aware of the more common habits that can destroy the glorious beauty of our hair. Poor diet; too-hot styling tools; brushing when they’re wet; even using the wrong conditioner and shampoo—these are just some of the harmful habits that can ruin your hair. But what about our daily practices?

Here we list some everyday habits that are doing a lot more than giving you a damaging hair style.

Hair Care Habits You Should Curb

Ø  Bad Showers Habits

Standing under scalding hot cascading water after a long days work can feel like heaven after a hard working day.

But if you want to avoid damaging your hair in the process, maybe dial down the hot water lever a bit. Along with this, try changing your shower habits. Switch around your hair care products and try to find the right pair of shampoo and conditioner in accordance with the weather system. You can choose from a variety of hair care treatments for wavy and curly hair here at Natomy.

Ø  Sun Protection

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter. If your hair isn’t protected, it will sustain damage from the sun. UV rays can damage the look of your hair, increase dryness, and fade color. Using the right products and adding extra protection—such as wearing a hat—can do wonders for your hair.

Ø  The Infamous Top-Knot

Top knots are the most low maintenance hair styles for men and women. However, you may think twice before you twist your hair up in a tight bun.

According to Natomy creator, Theodore Perry, this hairstyle applies extreme pressure on your hair, causing them to break early on, if you have delicate strands.

So instead of going for the top-knot, either tie your hair loosely in a low ponytail or wear a loose chignon if you’re willing to make some effort to look chic.

Ø  Sleeping in it

Okay, so we’re not assuming that everyone’s hair is long enough for us to actually sleep nestled in them. But longer hair can actually become damaged if you don’t take the right measures to secure them.

When you’re asleep, your hair suffers from the toss and turns. Also, because you simply sleep on a regular cotton pillowcase, your hair becomes susceptible to frizziness because of the roughness of its texture. Using a silk pillow will allow your hair to glide and not get caught beneath your body and a rough surface.

Ø  Cheap Hair Products

Yes, a two-for-one deal on those new hair products was great. But don’t let your hair suffer because of your inability to pass on a bargain. Most hair products nowadays are made up of harsh and harmful ingredients. Choosing natural hair care products from trusted names such as the Natomy Hair Care line will allow you to give your tresses the attention and love they need.

Created by hair care extraordinaire, Theodore Perry, the Natomy Hair Care line offers acute protection and nourishment. If you want your hair to stay healthy, avoid the above mentioned habits and use the right products so that your locks look luscious and stay strong.

  • Thanks for the article. In fact, I just started using silk/satin pillowcase. Since my hair is so short and I always sleep on one side, the hair was starting to suffer. My stylist suggested the satin pillowcases. It is making a difference. AND of course I only use Natomy products on my hair!!!

    By Valerie Rosenblum on January 24, 2017

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