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Five Foods to Feed Your Hair

Five Foods to Feed Your Hair

Like the rest of your body, your hair also gains its nutrition for from the food you consume on a daily basis. This means that now probably should be a good time for you to put that bag of salt and vinegar chips down!

If you want long luscious locks, you can’t very well have that dream come true if you spend most of your time munching on junk food and diet drinks. For beautiful long hair, you need to maintain a proper diet that is rich in nutrients and minerals. And to help you achieve that, we are going to provide you with five foods that are guaranteed to help you grow your hair.

Five Foods to Feed Your Hair for Fierce Hair

1. Eggs

That’s right! Simple and understated, eggs are just about the best source of protein, zinc and iron; three things that your hair desperately need.

While protein and iron strengthen and protect your follicles, the zinc compounds promote cell production and repair broken tissue. Zinc also helps maintain the oil-secreting glands in hair follicles and toughens them up, thus reducing any chances of them breaking or falling out.

2. Salmon

Famous for its hefty omega-3 fatty acid content, salmon needs to be a staple food in your diet if you want to grow your hair. Your body needs the fatty acid to keep your hair full and long. And since it can’t produce omega-3 itself, you will need to depend on salmon to provide the fat for you. Not a bad deal!

3.  Sweet Potatoes

Congrats, you just found a healthier, more delicious substitute for potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are considered to be one of the best foods for hair care and hair growth because of their high dosage of beta carotene. Since beta carotene is a precursor for vitamin A, this ingredient helps in keeping hair healthy and strong.

4. Avocado

Aside from being utterly delicious and buttery smooth on the tongue, avocados are high in vitamin B, vitamin E and fatty acids and greatly help in preventing hair breakage and hair loss. Avocados also help strengthen the scalp and provide your follicles with a sheen that you would otherwise not be able to get without the use of multiple hairstyling products.

5. Oysters

This salt water aphrodisiac packs a nutritious punch! As a great source for nutrients and minerals including zinc (just three ounces contain 493% of your daily value), oysters are a must-have ingredient for all those who want to have an itch-free scalp and long lustrous hair.


Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about natural hair care and hair growth tips like this one, stay tuned to the Natomy website, where we will continue to update our blog with even more tips from the great hair care extraordinaire, Theodore Perry!

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