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Temporary Hair Straightening Solutions for Curly Hair

Temporary Hair Straightening Solutions for Curly Hair

For some people – summer means frolicking at the beach with friends, sunbathing and generally having a good time. For others, this hot and sometimes humid month means spending hours trying to tame unruly curly hair. It’s a long and exhausting process, that doesn’t even offer good results half of the time!

Temporary Hair Straightening Solutions for Curly Hair is a good solution especially if you love your wild curls most times of the year. Which one to try, that is the question?

Temporary Hair Straightening Solutions for Curly Hair 1) Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

Unlike most temporary hair straightening solutions, this one will last a bit longer. The treatment involves usage of hair relaxing chemicals, neutralization treatments, deep conditioning and repetitive high-temperature ironing.

A lot of steps are required before reaching the final picture – a sleek, smooth and straight head of hair.

Disadvantages of this straightening solution are:

  • It’s a long process
  • Requires re-growth touch up that can be expensive

Temporary Hair Straightening Solutions for Curly Hair 2) Brushing and Blow Drying

Hair tends to curl up after drying completely. This is due to water content and chemical bonds reacting with proteins existing in the hair.

One way of ensuring hair remains straight after drying is by holding strands straight with a thermal round brush and blow-drying. You can also detangle wet hair strands prior to trying this temporary hair straightening method.

Compared to other temporary hair straightening methods, this one is simple and moderately effective. However, results depend mostly on the skill of the person brushing and blow-drying hair. Yes, you can go to a salon and get your curly hair professionally blow-dried. It will cost a lot.

Temporary Hair Straightening Solutions for Curly Hair 3) Opting for Keratin Treatment

This process is lengthy and requires several sessions before reaching the final stage, i.e. straight hair. The process involves use of several chemicals on the hair and hours of ironing. Many salons offer this treatment but you have got to be cautious – not all will offer a high quality treatment session.

The end result won’t be poker straight hair which is why this treatment may bit work for people with extremely curly hair.

Yes, choosing keratin treatment will help reduce frizz and make your curls defined and smooth in texture. Similar treatments to Keratin application are Magic Sleek and Cezanne; both help manage curly hair during the summer.     

Generally speaking, excessive coloring or bleaching treatments can harm hair and make it frizzy. Don’t put the color away as you can easily protect your natural curls with Natomy Beauty’s treatment for curly wavy and color treated hair!

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