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Highlights vs. Balayage – What Should I Choose?

Highlights vs. Balayage – What Should I Choose?

Has your hair stylist ever propositioned a style change, from your preferred full highlights to balayage? Many try to transition clients who have full-highlighted hair to this hair styling technique, which is both similar and different to highlights.

Are you still in the dark about the difference in the balayage technique? The following are highlighted differences between the two hairstyling techniques.  

Highlights vs. Balayage – What Should I Choose?

Balayage – the Newest and Hottest Hair Styling Trend

The word Balayage is French for to sweep or to paint. This hair styling technique is very different from foil highlights, also giving the effect of sun-kissed natural looking hair. The main idea is to create a soft, natural look with less noticeable hair re-growth lines.

How Is This Technique Applied?

The balayage pieces are applied very closely and finely at root of hair. This leads to a thicker looking highlight at the end of hair. Another difference between foil highlights and balayage is its application on surface of the hair section.

Maintenance Requirements

Good news for low maintenance folks. Balayage doesn’t require a lot of maintenance (just a little) to always look beautiful. Unlike foil highlights, balayage grows more naturally, reducing chance of an otherwise obvious hair re-growth line. You can wear it for longer between retouching appointments!

Make sure to wash your Balayage treated hair with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner just like with full color treated hair. Use heat protection when styling hair and schedule regular balayage treatments.    

Highlights vs. Balayage – What Should I Choose?

Hair Highlights – the Most Innovative Hair Coloring Idea

If celebrities have taught us anything with their simple existence, it’s that highlights can drastically change a person’s look. From cool contrasts to sun-kissed highlights, people have endless options when it comes to brightening up dull hair strands.

There are many reasons why hair highlights are still incredibly popular even with the existence of balayage technique. Some women prefer getting both lowlights and highlights, combined with the Balayage technique as this gives off a fuller and more beautiful look.

  • Highlights create an instant and beautiful contrast, on different hair color bases
  • Highlights can easily cover beginnings of silver, gray or white strands if applied correctly
  • Highlights can let you try a brand new color without needing a full head color requirement

The difference between balayage and foil highlights is the application process. Unlike Balayage, there will also be a minimal root line when highlights grow. You can also achieve highlights at home and provide aftercare of highlighted or color-treated hair using specifically made products. Natomy Beauty is an ideal source for all things haircare.  


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