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Natomy Beauty how to book online for free, pay after service.

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Natomy Beauty how to book online for free, pay after service.


1) Click the heading: Natomy beauty service online appointment the Link:

2) The link takes you to Natomy Beauty Service page Scroll down and select the desired service provider.

3) The service providers page consists of the salon and service providers' profiles. Images, linked to services in the drop-down menu and duration of time associated with services.

4) Using the dropdown menu select your service and according to time duration, click SELECT TIME button its shaded blue above the add to cart button.

5) A pop-up calendar will appear displaying days and time options available for the selected service. Select the desired time and day for your appointment. CLICK CONFIRM.

6) You should be back to the service provides profile page WHERE YOU WILL SEE THE DATE AND TIME SELECTED FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT IF THAT IS CORRECT click add to cart.

7) Shopping bag page Review your selection the $ amount for your service will be zero either continue shopping or proceed to check out.

8) Enter your details or sign in to your account click continue to payment.

9) Review your items and click pay now. You will receive an e-mail confirmation for your appointment click the conformation, add to your personal calendar.

REMEMBER TO ADD A REMINDER 2 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. #Natomybeauty #Natomyonlinebooking #Natomycare #Onlinebooking


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