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Is the Summer Heat Bringing Your Curls Down - 5 Tips

Is the Summer Heat Bringing Your Curls Down - 5 Tips

Caring for naturally curly hair can be a pain in any weather. Taking care of your curls in the humidity and heat of summer is the absolute worse! Humidity is not your best friend – it can make your curls do crazy things…

Frizzy hair, limp curls with no pattern and spring to their step is the end result of even the most nicely done hair. So what to do? Pay attention to your curls with the help of the following tips:

Is the Summer Heat Bringing Your Curls Down - 5 Tips 

Invest In Quality Heat Styling Tools

Are you planning on heat styling your hair this summer? Take a look at your current heat styling tools. Do they exhibit good quality? It’s important to use high quality styling tools on curly hair due to the complex textures. A good quality blow dryer or curling iron will be worth the investment, seeing you’ll be using a well-made tool that causes less damage to your hair.  

Is the Summer Heat Bringing Your Curls Down - 5 Tips

Also remember to use the lowest heat setting possible to reduce damage.

Don’t Overdo With the Shampoo 

The long and hot summer days make it impossible for a girl to shine day or night. Humidity in the air promotes frizzy hair, which can also get flat and dull according to the products used to tame curly hair.

It does make sense to wash hair more frequently during summer, to remove sweat and product buildup. Even a simple water rinse will help refresh scalp and remove all impurities, keeping hair clean and frizz-free! A condition wash can also help.

Is the Summer Heat Bringing Your Curls Down - 5 Tips

Embrace Your Natural Curls

Certain hair styles work wonders for taming curly hair. Styles like buns, coils, twirls and braid twists help enhance texture, minimize frizz and emphasize your curls. You can easily twirl or coil your hair at home, without heat styling tools!

Apply a styling product to clean and condition hair. Take small sections of hair around fingers and then gently twirl. Rub Matte Styling Pomade on hands and scrunch hair close to roots. This will loosen and create fluff in the hair style.  

Is the Summer Heat Bringing Your Curls Down - 5 Tips

Brush Out Your Curls

Why do you comb your curls when you have thick and full hair? In fact, brushing your curls will be more beneficial when it comes to styling hair for a natural look. Rake through dry hair with a wide-toothed comb, then again with a nylon bristled brush.

Hair care tools from Natomy Beauty are nylon bristled which help fight frizz and can be used on all hair types. Following these tips will let you enjoy summer without having to worry about your hair!

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