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Isolation, You are Not Powerless

Isolation, You are Not Powerless

Fear can be crippling, being afraid of so many things the loss of our material belonging, family members, friends or our jobs the starting or ending of a business. There was a time I was scared to travel but I wanted to see the world another time I was worried about doing my first haircut to opening my business and creating my own product line. The point is being afraid is normal each day I can feel it knocking on the door saying let me in. Other things that continue to inspire fear.  

Not being loved, 

not being smarter enough, am I going to get sick? Being afraid of the unknown.

The mind is the most powerful tool overcoming these challenges took and continues to take intentional thinking one step in front of the next. Upgrading my mind taking the time to learn something new to become smarter. 

Note: After graduation from a colleague, about 41% of people never read another book. 

Reading is one of the many ways we can grow. When reading a book, readers are typically less distracted then reading an online article; the content goes into more depth; reading a book there is no advertising to bug us. Reading a book to learn requires more effort during, this time, pick a good book to read and learn.

Currently, I am reading well listening too and reading at the same time. Yeah I have a learning disability but following my own advice "Up Grading" The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

 What should you read? Here are some suggested categories:

  1. Classic books
  2. Books related to the area of your current expertise.
  3. Books related to the expertise you will need to be competitive in 10 years.
  4. Books on topics from a completely different field.

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Brain.

 Not into books? Some alternative online learning sites. 

  • Amazon for online e-commerce

  • Khan Academy for all general learning

  • Youtube for introduction to new skills and exploration.

Knowledge is a life long experience. 

Deciding to learn, learn more about me, who I am, what am I about? Why I do things I do, how I behave when I am angry, sad, excited, happy, feeling compassionate, not so much about what makes me happy, angry, sad, or excited but learning about what I do when those feelings have been triggered. 

An example when scared I know I will do a couple of things, fight, runaway, isolate, make stuff up. These are some examples of what I do some of them not very useful not helpful to me or anyone else. Learning about my behaviors empowered me to try something different. For example, call a friend or get involved rather than isolate, I can investigate instead assume. I would play mind games with myself "when I feel this I do this" then practice. 

Looking outward, firefighter do drills, solders do drills, athletes do drills conducting drills is another word for practice. If you're afraid of being no good, ask anyone, ask everyone. We all started somewhere both those who are successful and those on the path to success. Everyone started at some point. Give your self options everyday upgrading can take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes. The goal is to get better by 1% a day.  

Our phones upgrade our cars are upgrading, hell viruses are upgrading, people upgrade too. 

Take the time to learn in this period of time where we are experiencing many unknowns learn about yourself what you do when confronted with the unknown. Learn about all the different options that are available. Learn more about the future you would like to create for you and your family. 

Take good care stay safe.  

  • Good positive outlook for a fearful time. Thanks for those words. Love you friend

    By Michaux Shaffer on April 05, 2020

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