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Keep This In Mind When Changing Your Hair Color From Boring Brown To…

Keep This In Mind When Changing Your Hair Color From Boring Brown To…

Do you think about changing your hair color every time you look into the mirror? Perhaps you had, but weren’t happy with the results; so you’re a little reluctant to experiment this time around.

Choosing a hair color other than boring brown shouldn’t be so risky yet it is—simply because we don’t know how to pick the right color!

You just need to keep the following in mind when picking a hair color that looks natural, yet edgy or different.

Keep This In Mind When Changing Your Hair Color From Boring Brown To…

Finding Your Idea Color – It All Starts with Your Skin Tone

There are some colors that clash with a pale skin tone while others set in perfectly. Similarly, there are warmer shades of blonde that are ideal for sun-kissed skin tone. Step one of choosing the perfect hair color should always start determining your skin tone.

Cool or Pale Skin Tone

Your skin has violet or blue undertones. Pale complexions usually look best when wearing something in royal blue, scarlet, teal and fuchsia.

Warm Skin Tone

Your skin has peach or yellow undertones. You look the best when wearing brown, gold, purple, or khaki.

Neutral Skin Tone

You have a skin tone that is neither here nor there and has olive undertones. You look best when wearing periwinkle, coral, pale pink, sea-foam green and gray colors.

Rule Of Thumb For A Flattering Hair Color (For Your Complexion) Is…

Always pick a hair color or tone that is opposite from your skin’s undertones. Check your wrist as it will tell you about skin’s undertones the most accurately. In a nutshell, pick a cooler undertone if you have a warm complexion and vice versa. There is no correct science of doing this as the theory varies from hair color to hair color. On the other hand, for neutral skinned gals, everything looks good.

Keep This In Mind When Changing Your Hair Color From Boring Brown To…

Think Light and Natural

There is a secret to getting a natural looking hair color. You must make subtle changes, i.e. it’s a good idea to look at three shades away for your natural hair color if you are looking to enhance or return hair to its natural tone. Highlights should always look sun-kissed while low-lights should add depth, movement and texture.

Another thing to keep in mind; natural looking hair color is never completely black, brown, red, or blond.

Notice how your natural hair color has a lot of natural highlights, lowlights, and undertones? This means you will need to choose more than one color to change hair color dramatically.

In the end, whatever color you choose to dye your hair, make sure to consult with your colorist. And don’t forget to order Natomy shampoo  for color treated hair.  

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