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Let Your Natural Curls Be The Star Of Every Show!

Let Your Natural Curls Be The Star Of Every Show!

Scour the internet for ‘tips on managing curly hair’ and you will come across thousands of articles and blogs on the subject. You will find content on how to take care of curly hair in the winter, how to style unruly locks, how to prevent damage and which hair styles to choose among others.

One thing ruins it all. Very few of these articles and blogs are actually written by women (and men) who have curly hair! Why is this important? Having curly hair isn’t like having other hair types. Very few people understand the difficulty of taming curly hair in the morning or before a night out.

Not sure you have the time to research tips and advice on healthy curly hair management? Following are some hacks shared by real women with a head full of wild ringlets.

How to Let Your Natural Curls Be The Star Of Every Show! Dry Your Curly Hair

How you brush your hair after a shower affects the end result significantly, either for the better or worse. The right hair brush also makes a huge difference.

One concern that many people with curly hair face is when drying curls. Frizz being a common and unflattering element with curly hair occurs at the worst possible time. There aren’t many techniques to safely dry your curls without the frizz besides air or blow drying with a diffuser attachment. How-to blow-dry using a diffuser? Simply cup one section of curls in your hand when diffusing. Now hold still while the blow-dryer does its magic. Following this technique does take extra time but the result is worth it!

Extra Tips on how to Let Your Natural Curls Be The Star Of Every Show!

  • Switch off the dryer when readjusting to another section. This will prevent unwanted frizz
  • Touch curls as little as possible during washing and drying routine

Coming Back To Basics

For most people, choosing a hair care regimen that promotes simplicity and effectiveness is paramount. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype that is the hair care industry. Buying the latest products and treatments for curly hair is the easy way, however what about the chemicals? Products laced with chemicals aren’t only harmful for hair but the environment as well. So what is it going to be?

Beautiful and healthy hair is within your grasp with Natomy Beauty’s Curly Hair Treatment. Enriched with Jojoba Oil and essential Vitamins, the treatment includes only 3 all-natural products. Apply Natural Calm Shampoo for rich and easy to manage hair. Then apply Express Treatment Conditioner for intensive moisture penetration. Styling curly hair is easy with Natomy Beauty’s Styling Cream.

Extra Tips on how to Let Your Natural Curls Be The Star Of Every Show!

  • Satin material actually prevents tangles. Invest in satin pillowcases and bed sheets for maximum hair detangling properties
  • Natomy Beauty’s Wet Brush Detangler is perfect for use before drying curly hair

Dealing with curly hair is easy with the right tools and products on hand. After all, waking up with blown-up, frizzy hair isn’t how anyone envisions their mornings. Yes, managing curly hair takes time and effort but not with Natomy Beauty!

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