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2. Happy Defrizz Day

Happy De-Frizz Day

2. Happy Defrizz Day

Where we left off: 

Jenney stood for a moment gawking at Tess's hair and said,

"Your hair looks good," 

reaching into her handbag, out came a brand new bandanna 

"Here put this on and wait," 

as if pulling a rabbit from a hat.  

"I got you a scrunchie too." 


Jenney asked,

"Why is your hair, kinda straight?" 

Growling back

"Its the humidity, nature's unwanted steam bath."  

An hour of blowdrying and straightening was all for nothing. The frizz battle was lost; her frizzy and unruly hair had awakened.

Tess took Jenney's scrunchie, turning it over in her fingers; the Leopard print hairband felt soft stretching to test the elasticity a definite upgrade to the elastic band she used now and then.

Pretending to be an expert check to see its quality and texture, a glance at the tag. It's something she always did it mattered to her where things came from, in her best Canadian accent,

"Made in Canada, "A," 

Hm, cute, I think I will keep it. She thought. 

Tess's moved with the elegance of a ballerina, and the mind of a thief pulled her long thick, kind of straight hair back into a ponytail the ends of her hair as if kissed by the sun, glimmer's of natural golden copper touching the middle of her back. 

Work colleagues, random admires, would ask 

"Is that your natural hair color ?" 


never failed to leave her lips. 

Tess secretly loved her highlights, stood tall, her head held high to the hair god's, a flicker of gratitude a tribute to her hair colorist, smiling, Thanks, Theo. 

At least there was one thing that made my hair look good.

Tess's sky blue eyes turn green, a telltale sign when she is hurt, casting imaginary knives piercing Jenney's face and throat, 

A walking waterfall, sweat dripping from her skin's pores, stone emerald eyes glaring at Jenney, in a cheery voice laced in poison. 

"Nice headscarf, it's not a bandanna. 

Her head shaking,

"Is it new? Where did you get it from?" 

Her head was moving side to side, ponytail in tow, making sure Jenney could see her scrunchie one last time. 

Jenney stood eyes open wide, mouth gaping, she watched her new headscarf mop sweat and makeup from Tess's face, the floral amber print soiled. Tess's skin, clean, dry, fresh as a baby's bottom.   

In a sweet voice, "Thanks, I like the HEADSCARF," handing it back Jenny without missing a beat.

"So, Jen, ready to eat? I am starving," 

I've been on this health kick. Have you heard of Juice Plus

Jenney snatched the headscarf back her face twisted, fire truck red with rage unknowingly started to wipe the sweat from her own face and neck while screaming back at Tess
The headscarf bounced in sync with each word, flopping about like a fish out of water.
"Now, look at what you've done." as if the headscarf was some kind of evidence.
Half afraid, Tess casually replied in her polite princess voice.
"You're late!"
"Now calm down, I'll get you a new one."

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