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Men’s Edition: Color Your Hair When…

Men’s Edition: Color Your Hair When…

Why should girls have all the fun? This is not the era of metrosexuals. This is simply the era where women and men, both, have the choice to add a little oomph to their look.

Today, more men are heading towards natural hair colors that suit their existing shade and hue. There are many reasons why men prefer changing their existent hair color to something ‘extra’ or even to a more natural hue.

Men’s Edition: Color Your Hair When… If You Are A Man Holding A Hair Color Box…

You choose to color your locks with some other color than what they were born with due to 3 popular reasons.

  1. To conceal gray hair strands that creep into hairdos
  2. To change or enhance your look…make a style statement
  3. You feel like you don’t identify with the current color—and need something that complements…you

Of course there are other more personal reasons to color their hair, which depend on person to person. You may want to change your hair color to an exciting one when:

Men’s Edition: Color Your Hair When… You Are Constantly Mistaken For a 40 Year Even Though You Are Just In Your Twenties

While there is little evidence that points towards this, stress and graying hair may have a co-relation.

The most despised silvery strands usually crop up at around 30 for men; and 35 for women. However, graying hair can begin as early as high school for some people. You could turn gray before your 25th birthday. Yes, there are some silver foxes in Hollywood too but you aren’t famous or rich. So... this option is the best.

Men’s Edition: Color Your Hair When… You Are Marrying a Much Younger Woman – Say 10 Times Your Junior!

It’s true we have been witnessing fewer and fewer marriages with each passing year. However, there also seems to be a big age difference between the man and woman. 10 or 20 years—it doesn’t make a big different in the face of true love; yet what are doing to keep up with your young wife? The right hair color can make you look as much as 10 years younger!

Men’s Edition: Color Your Hair When… You Are A Model and Want to Look Young In The Face of Competition

Just like in sports, models and actors hide their real age to prolong expiry date of their career.

Color treated hair is one tool in every model’s arsenal to not only look young, but trendy as well!

Men have as many reasons to dye their hair, as women. Yet color treating your hair is a big step.

Do you have the necessary products to take better care of color treated hair? Let Natomy Beauty help!

We bring you a range of products designed by Theodore Perry, who has worked with some of the top salons and stylists on an international and national level. This includes names like Frederick Fekkai of New York, Gene Juarez of Seattle, WA. Toni & Guy of Dallas, TX; and Antoine de Chez of Denver, CO.


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