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Caring for Your Hair After Adding Highlights

Caring for Your Hair After Adding Highlights

The beauty industry is filled to the brim with advice on beautification.

Want to highlight your jaw and hide that unsightly double chin? Contour away!

Want to look youthful, rejuvenated and refreshed after a grueling work week? Relax while a beautician applies cooling facial mask to your face, with added benefit of a blackhead remover.

Want to add style to your healthy and beautiful straight locks? Add highlights, which is a popular way to bring style, color and fun to your hair! Highlights color a portion of natural hair, which means it beautifully complements your natural hair color.

Caring for Your Hair After Adding Highlights

Aftercare for Highlighted Hair 

People forget (when having highlights or streaks) that their hair will become a mixture of natural, bleached and color-treated hair. It’s just as important to care for highlighted hair as it were colored completely! Your aftercare goal will be to avoid losing tone on highlights and making sure hair isn’t weakened or excessively dry.  

Use Products Developed For Color Treated Hair

Caring for Your Hair After Adding Highlights Hair care and styling products developed specifically for highlighted or color treated hair offer complete nourishment and moisture while strengthening individual hair strands. Choose products that contain natural elements, i.e. ingredients that are good for your hair like Jojoba Oil, essential vitamins, lavender etc. 

Buy one unit of each product (shampoo, conditioner, hydrating mask, styling crème) and apply as recommended.  

Caring for Your Hair After Adding Highlights Trim Your Hair

Highlighted (or color-treated) hair has a higher risk of getting dry ends, which quickly become fragile. Weakened hair can begin to fray and fall! Avoid fussy and unsightly split ends by trimming hair every 8–10 weeks to promote better health.   

Caring for Your Hair After Adding Highlights Deep Condition Your Hair Religiously with Appropriate Products 

Highlighted or color treated hair damage quickly, due to chemicals used for the color. Hair strands can also become highly porous, which requires immediate conditioning and moisturizing. Restore your hair’s moisture, bring back shine and bounce by deep conditioning once every week. The kind of shampoo and conditioner you use here is essential.

We have a solution for your highlighted hair woes! Apply Natomy Beauty’s Express Treatment Conditioner after shampooing (especially for hair styling purposes) and rinse off. This product penetrates deeply into the hair cuticle to offer nourishment. You can also try our full treatment for color-treated hair.

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