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Quick Hair Styling Tips for an Early Night Out

Quick Hair Styling Tips for an Early Night Out

You came home from work maybe thirty minutes ago and the only thing you’ve done since then is changed from your formal skirt to your jeans and dove into your bed with a tub of ice cream and a magazine.

But then you get the dreaded call. Your friends will be here in 20 minutes and you better get ready!

Heck! You are in NO MOOD to spend 20 minutes on your hair and makeup. But you still want to look good!

So what do you do?

Simple; you follow this list of tips, courtesy of Theodore Perry , master stylist!

Styling Tips for the Already Stylish

l Add that Volume

Start by running a dime-sized dollop of anti-frizz cream through your damp hair. Use a blow-drier and create some body. If you have a curling iron, wrap one-inch sections around a large barrel. If not though, wrap one-inch sections around your finger and pin the curls.

With a curler, you would start at ear level and wrap the hair away from your hair, breaking them with your finger. However, if you don’t have a curler, spray the curls with some light hair spray and break the curls, removing the pins beforehand.

l Center Part

This is pretty simple.

Take your damp hair and part them down the center, smoothing some anti-frizz serum over your locks. Blow-dry them with a paddle brush and use a flat iron if necessary. Add a mist of shine spray if you want to make them even shinier and you’re done!

l Pronounced Ringlets

This is a defining hairstyle but it may take you some time to maintain, so it’s your call.

You will need to have damp hair to maintain this style, and a curling iron. Using intense curl cream; spread it through your locks and let it air dry. Next, using a small-barrel curling iron, pick the natural curls and wrap them around the barrel. Just remember to not shake them out with your fingers since we want them to remain bouncy and springy.

Small but Useful Tips

  • When using bobby pins, make sure that the wavy end is facing your hair.
  • When tying your hair in a braid, end your hair in a small braid, slide the end up and slip a bobby pin into the knot to secure it. Tada, no more pesky hair ties!
  • If you really hate hair ties, grab a small strand of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie, securing it behind your ponytail with a bobby pin.
  • Make your hair appear thicker by dusting your hair parting with eye shadow the same color as your hair.
  • After you’ve braided your hair, gently tug it apart so it looks fuller.
  • For imperfect waves, braid your hair and use a flat iron to press them. Open them up and there you have it!

Want to Know More about some Quick Hair Styling Tips for an Early Night Out

Now that you know these nifty tips, we hope that you get ready for your night on the town in a jiffy!

Just remember to keep Natomy in mind for information on natural hair care & hair growth tips too and stay tuned to our blog for more guidance!

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