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Salon Faced with Shuts Downs, Isolation and Uncertainty.

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Beauty Industry, clients canceling appointments? 

Salon Faced with Shuts Downs, Isolation and Uncertainty.

Change is happening; 

  • Salon owners are asking clients to stay home if they are sick.
  • They are being more lenient of clients who are canceling same-day appointments. 
  • Being proactive in implementing stringent hygiene practices, proper cleaning of surfaces multiple times a day, applying the 20-second handwash rule using cold or warm water. 
  • Adding signage, providing disinfectants, and hand sanitizes. 
  • Spreading out appointments, so clients are not backing up waiting for their service. 

    While protecting the client is vital, we also must think of service providers who could be at higher risk due to the volume of exposure to people they serve. 

    • Service providers keep an eye on each other if you're not feeling well, take immediate action, and make suggestions to visit health-care professionals. 
    • Keeping distance at this time no matter how close the personal relationship is, avoid hugs, handshakes, or close contact with clients and coworkers. (How to greet without a handshake)

     If you're a client going to the salon, it's essential to avoid close contact with your service provider. 

    • Think about when you're going for your appointment, maybe there are the slower times available?
    • Watching the local news to assess community spread investigate the source of information.

    We can still choose to live in a state of worry or a state of proactive. 

    It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that the health and safety standards are known and implemented to protect themselves help protect others. 

    The boss is now freaking out? Fear of missing out and not having enough supplies? What about my family? What am I going to do?

    STAY CALM not the easiest thing to do; staying calm can help eliminate negative self-talk. During stressful situations, people who remain calm can eradicate negative self-talk and focus on calming their bodies down by focusing on positive self-talk. Being logical involves staying calm and make decisions accordingly. Clarity of mind is essential when working out problems. Your clarity on thoughts shall provide the solution to you. If your mind is free and relaxed, staying calm allows you to discuss things rather than fight.

    "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs" A poem by RUDYARD KIPLING comes to mind,

     Stay in touch with each other; it is vital to surround ourselves with family and friends to support and receive support in both times of joy and distress. Supportive relationships is a strong protective factor against mental illnesses and help to increase our mental and physical well-being. When things are on your mind reach out to a friend, a family member don't be afraid to ask for help. 



    Communication, Inclusion, keep communication lines open, keep your mind open, let others know what is going on. We all are essentially looking for answers, solutions, wanting to be heard, effective communication is a two-way street.

    Remember, when under distress confronted with the unknown, our conversation can quickly turn into being one way. Most times, it becomes very ineffective, causing more stress.

    Stop be attentive to your reactions, try and minimize assumptions.  

    Be a leader, leadership is a funny thing we can lead others, or we are the leaders of our own experiences. Take the time to consider your values, what are the real priorities, communicate and understand your fear. In humans, and in all animals, the purpose of fear is to promote survival. Survival is not always having to do with panicking. Remember, we were surviving before all the other significant events and challenges in life. In the course of human evolution, the people who feared the right things survived. Have a healthy fear and act appropriately. 

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