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Singed Your Hair? Use these Tips to Bring Back Your Luscious Locks

Singed Your Hair? Use these Tips to Bring Back Your Luscious Locks

It’s almost comical when you end up singing your hair right before a big date or an event. You may act like you care about the state of your hair. But after the deed is done and dusted, that is when you stare at the burnt section of your hair in the mirror and start feeling the grief.

Though it may seem tragic (it is), it’s not something you cannot come back from. To help you bring your singed tresses back to their former glory, here are some tips that will affect your hair health.

Singed Your Hair? Use these Tips to Bring Back Your Luscious Locks

Tips on Giving Your Singed Hair some TLC

·         Step Away from the Styling Tools

Firstly, you can’t fix your hair if you never stop styling it. The heat from styling tools work to rapidly dry your hair and can make them look crispy over time. So if you really must use your hair styling tools, only blow out your hair 3 times a week and limit your flat/curling iron usage to a minimum of once a week. In the meantime, use a masque or a conditioner to keep the moisture in and make sure to use a soothing balm to nourish your scalp.

·         Get Some High-Quality Hair Products

When working to protect your hair, use heat protection sprays and products to shield your locks from the heat. Don’t let your hair get too greasy and use a light formula and products specifically for damaged hair so they have complete nourishment. Natomy has an extensive line of hair care and treatment products you can choose from, according to the style of your hair.

·         Understand Styling Techniques

It doesn’t hurt to ask a professional about some styling knowledge. Get your hair stylist to give you tips on how they styled your hair so that you can do it without a hitch.

·         Use Professional Tools

Here, we aren’t talking about professional grade flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. When using these tools to style our hair, we often skip out on the actual ‘TLC’ part of hair care. If we get tangles, we ruthlessly brush them out and get on with our styling. However, this lack of attention causes our hair to get damaged, sometimes even resulting in split ends. Using thermal round brushes and various tools from Natomy will give you better results.

Before you go back to your old tools, consider another option. Don’t use them.

Now, although that’s easier said than done, we want what’s best for you. Instead of using styling tools, opt for styling serums and better hair care products so that your tresses can get the attention and love that they so richly deserve.

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