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2. Happy Defrizz Day

Happy De- Frizz Day

Tess secretly loved her highlights; they looked so natural a quick show of gratitude, smiling, "Thanks, Theo." 

At the same time, imaginary knives piercing Jenney's face and throat Tess's sky blue eyes now slightly green, a telltale sign when she is hurt or angry.

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1. Happy Defrizz Day

Happy De-Frizz Days

Jenney stood for a moment gawking at Tess's hair and said,

 "Your hair looks good," 

reaching into her handbag pulling out a brand new bandanna 

"Here put this on and wait;" 

the shuffling sound of loose lipsticks, then as if pulling a rabbit from a hat.  

"I got you a scrunchie." 

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Basics of Growing Hair Without Protective Styling

Over here, ‘that’ in question is protective styling—a revolutionary product that has made styling easy, for all hair types. Another question most women ask regarding protective hair styling products is: can there be fast and long hair growth without protective hair styling?

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Having frizzy hair can be a nightmare.

Natomy has developed a step by step solution to Replenishing natural oils and inject moisture back into your hair. Each step and product has been designed to work together to maximize the stages of replenishing your hair back to a much calmer state.
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