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The Myth of Rotating Your Shampoo Formula

The Myth of Rotating Your Shampoo Formula

You may have heard of this myth, and have even used it to your advantage to try out a new shampoo. Yes, we’re talking about the ol’ switching the shampoo bit, for stunning hair.

According to experts, switching your shampoo allows your hair to become revitalized. This is because your hair gets accustomed – and thus grows immune – to the shampoo you usually use.

This is just one of the reasons since we’ve heard dozens of claims. The truth however, is a little different.

The Myth of Rotating Your Shampoo Formula

Should You Switch Your Shampoo?

Now, before we answer, you need to understand the chemistry of your own hair care products. After a few months of enjoying the luscious soft look your shampoo is producing, they start to misbehave.

The reason the shampoo quit working isn’t because of the formula. Your hair hasn’t gotten used to the formula, so much; rather, it has changed. This is why it is necessary to change your shampoo so often so that you can handle that change with the right formula.

The Myth of Rotating Your Shampoo Formula

Reasons Why Your Hair Changes

Before you blindly reach out for the next shampoo in the aisle, perhaps these tips will help you make that change easily.

·         Product Build-Up

If you see someone’s hair shine like the sun, it’s probably because she takes the time to rinse her hair properly. With our habits of quickly washing up and getting the heck out of the shower, we often forget to rinse our hair properly, which in turn causes build up.

Over time, our shampoo fails to clean up the environmental residue from our hair and that basically clogs up our pores. In this case, it is important that you get rid of the build up regularly by using a clarifying shampoo or an ultraclean shampoo.

·         Climate Changes

We live through a cacophony of weather changes. From dry winters and humid summer air to the sweltering spring and fall weather, we experience it all. And so does our hair. It is highly recommended that you buy a shampoo that complements the result of each season. For instance, if you live in a drier climate, your hair will be in need of a higher moisturizing shampoo. In similar fashion, each season would require you to change your shampoo accordingly.

·         Lifestyle Changes

Your lifestyle choices can play a big role in determining your hair’s beauty. Have you taken up swimming, or cut your hair short? Or have you started working out and sweating more?

Any of these questions and more should be able to guide you to better conditioning. So for instance, if you’re working out more, shampoo your hair more often. Or if you’ve gotten a short haircut, find a shampoo that will be able to cater to your needs properly. Consider proper options and don’t skimp out on buying the right product.

·         Health Changes

Everything you eat and drink has an effect on your shampoo’s performance. So if you’ve changed your diet or are taking new medication, each condition will affect your locks. And not only that, but any hormonal changes that you face may also end up affecting your hair in a big way. But if your hair issues get serious; asking a hairstylist or even your doctor will help greatly in getting the right shampoo for your hair.

The Myth of Rotating Your Shampoo Formula Conclusion

So now that you know why and how you should rotate your shampoo, browse through the line of Natomy Hair Care products for damaged hair treatment. And remember these tips to maintain the beauty of your gorgeous tresses.

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