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The Trick to Coloring Your Hair (Without damaging it!)

The Trick to Coloring Your Hair (Without damaging it!)

Don’t color your hair, you’ll damage it!

Don’t color your hair, it’ll turn white!

Don’t color your hair; it’ll become so rough and frizzy that you’ll never want to touch it!

Don’t color your hair, it looks fine. It would look bad on you any way!

If you’re someone who has thought about coloring your hair, you must have heard the above sentences and even more from someone (mom!) or other.

Coloring your hair has always carried this sort of stigma about it. Coloring may damage your hair if you do so. And if you do end up coloring them, you must only get them done from a highly expensive salon that would cost you an arm and a leg.

However, since not all of us come from royalty, how are we supposed to maintain our hair coloring dreams without thinking of breaking into a bank?

For that, Theodore Perry is here to give you some coloring tips so you can flip your hair in the faces of all those who dared to stop you from achieving your hair dying dreams!

The Trick to Coloring Your Hair (Without damaging it!)

Here’s How You Have Your Hair Colored without Damaging it for Good!

Cheap = Destructive

The only reason why people go for the box dye is because it’s cheap. But you have to remember; cheap equals destructive chemicals. With a hair dye costing $10, you can’t really expect to get a result that would look professional. Instead, go to a salon that offers affordable rates and a professional coloring treatment. You don’t have to pay $500, but don’t skimp out just because you can’t shell out the cash. Even dreams need a budget!

Be Patient

If you’re changing your hair color, you can’t expect the color to change in 30 minutes. Coloring your hair will take at least two hours and that too will be a lengthy process if you’re having a drastic change. Give your hair time to recover between treatments and don’t try to cram everything within one appointment or even one week.

Gentle Treatment

Your hair deserves love. Keep it protected when you’re in the sun, and use only professional quality products when you have to style it. Use thermal round brushes and protectant and be very gentle when brushing and tying up your hair. Since your hair will be vulnerable after the hair coloring, they will be more likely to break and become damaged.

Invest in Your Lifestyle

This means you will need to invest time, money and effort into making sure that your hair color stays protected i.e. not damaged. For example, if your hair is dyed a bright color, you will need to forego a daily wash since that will make the color fade faster. You will also need to invest your money into buying products specifically designed for color hair treatments.


Choose a Good Hairdresser

The right hairdresser can make all the difference in the world. Although Theodore Perry does suggest that you stick to your old hairdresser, if you do end up switching to a new person, find out what products you were using in the past and let your hairdresser know. This way, there won’t be any chemical alterations in case the stylist ends up using a different color product.

Buying the Right Products for Colored Hair

Now that you know the The Trick to Coloring Your Hair (Without damaging it!) your hair, the next step is to buy the right products!

Natomy offers an exclusive selection of color hair treatments that are designed to rejuvenate and maintain colored hair. Along with shampoo and conditioner, your locks can benefit from leave-in conditioners and treatments as well!

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