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Pomades are good for men and women

Pomades are good for men and women

Hairstyling products are vital if you want to achieve edgy and innovative looks. Pomades are good for men and women a hair product that can help you accomplish different looks by making your hair easier to mold and style. Unlike hair gel and spray that dries and leaves a hard finish, pomade doesn’t dry.

Pomades are good for men and women

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What is pomade out of?

Pomades have a creamy consistency. Therefore, pomade is considered a styling wax. One of the primary ingredients in pomade is palm leaf wax, beeswax.

Other Key Ingredients include Lavender, Geranium, Echinacea, Green Tea, Safflower.

Palm leaf wax, used in Natomy Matt Pomade

Who can use pomade?

Pomades are good for men and women

Anyone can use pomade, but it works best on people with straighter hair textures. Hair with this texture can be hard to manipulate naturally and pomade helps with that. However, people with curlier hair textures can also use pomade. Pomade helps with frizz and can define curls. Pomades are good for men and women to achieve styles like coifs, pompadours, spikes, and much more.

Natomy Matte Pomade Medium Textured Hairstyles.jpg

Pomades are good for men and women 

What types of pomade are good for me?

Like gel, pomade comes in different strengths. There is light, medium, and stronghold. This means buyer should pay attention to the strength or hold to find the right product for their needs.

Light pomade- This consistency is great for people with curlier and thicker hair textures. This formula eliminates frizz while still slowing bounce and movement. Light pomade may also be water-based to help the hair maintain fluidity.

Medium hold is a good strength for short hair to mid-length and aids in creating edgy hairstyles. The pomade will hold the hair in place for hours without drying it out.

Stronghold pomade is actually really good for thicker hair. Stronghold pomade will keep hair in place all day, so use it for styles that require a maximum hold.

Before using pomade, make sure the hair is slightly damp or dry. Remember pomade is a creamy product and it reacts better to moisture. The hair shouldn’t be sopping wet, but slightly damp to get the best results from using the product.

Pomades can be used daily but beware of product buildup. A deep shampoo treatment should do the trick, but some pomades are harder to remove than others. An example of this is oil-based pomade. Water-based pomades behave like gels and wash out easier.

Pomades are good for men and women

What’s the difference between matte and regular pomade?

Pomade also comes in different finishes. A shiny look due to the ingredients in the product. Matte pomade dries without leaving any sheen or a dewy finish.  

Natomy Texture Matte Pomade Long Hair Styles

Pomades are good for men and women What types of pomades are good for me?

 Additionally, matte pomades are usually water-based. Many oil-based pomades have clay or fiber ingredients that leave a natural luster. Matte pomades are also just as malleable as their shinier counterparts so you can achieve the same interesting looks.

Furthermore, due to its water-based consistency, matte pomade doesn’t leave a ton of product buildup or residue.

Pomades are good for men and women Choosing the right pomade for you

Try experimenting with different pomades that vary in strength and finish.

Pomades are good for men and women the end. 

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