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Want Healthy Curly Hair without Frizz

Want Healthy Curly Hair without Frizz 

Here’s The Solution!

Curly hair can be fragile and difficult to tame.

The humidity and moisture can activate frizz in curly hair.

 The Solution

Natomy Curly Hair Treatment is especially formulated to function as a curl activator and or curl tamer.


Want Healthy Curly Hair without Frizz  1.Natural Calm Shampoo

This shampoo contains Joioba Oil, emollients and vitamins.

It helps to keep your hair soft, healthy & easy to manage.

Apply Natural Calm Shampoo to wet hair gently massage and rinse thoroughly.


Want Healthy Curly Hair without Frizz  2.Express Treatment Conditioner 

Use Express Treatment Conditioner after washing your hair with Natural Calm Shampoo.

Massage into wet hair and leave in for 3 minutes.

This treatment nourishes damaged & chemically treated hair.


Want Healthy Curly Hair without Frizz  3.Styling Cream

This styling cream creates straight smooth styles super easily.

You can also use it to define your curls.

Massage the cream into roots and mid-lengths ends.

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