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Should I Color My Gray Hair

Should I Color My Gray Hair

A seasoned hair colorist/stylist having 30 years of industry experience, each year, there is a new wave of clients asking, "I am getting gray, should I color my hair." If you're looking to cover your gray hair, knowing the different types of hair color plays a vital role in achieving your desired result.

Here are some things to consider.

  • Type of hair color!

So, women in their 20 and 30's are embracing their gray hair. There is a lot of press on social media that growing out your gray hair is in fashion. You could even call it fresh!

The collective embrace of gray hair is inarguably a good thing. After all, chasing away grays can be as futile, time-consuming, and expensive as trying to locate an actual fountain of youth. Coloring your hair every three weeks can be costly. If you're deciding to stop coloring and letting your gray hair shine, this is a naturally occurring event. Yes, an "Event" that lasts for the next two to 5 years of your life, depending on which route you go. From the first discovery of that one lone gray strand that you plucked and now worried more would grow back again "No." which took you to your colorist to seek professional advice and you decided that your not quite ready for your gray hair to take hold, and you want to experiment. Here is some advice from leading Colorist / Stylist around the country; this is what they have to say when asked about coloring your hair for the first time. 

If you're visiting Glenda Renderos @ GLENDA Texas hair designer, located at Westheimer Houston TX

Trained with Alexander Zbinden, a protégé of the internationally renowned Alexandre de Paris.

This is what you can expect to experience. 

" Awesome! let me ask you a few questions that will tell us if we can move forward on that hair color question...

Are you ready for this?

  • To have the right hairstyle and color, we need to consider the texture of your gray hair, is it coarse, medium, or fine-textured? Sometimes gray hair is rough in texture more so than your natural hair color, the type of hair color used on gray hair can be different then what's applied on your natural hair color. In some cases, to get the best results, the use of two-color formulations using two different types of hair color will give you the best results.  
  • Consider we need to work on your make up and tones. 
  • Lastly
  • , moving slowly, allowing you to see your natural gray will give you the chance to accept and embrace your most natural look. It gives you time to adjust and know if you're ready for change. 

 Let's talk about different types of hair color: 

  • TEMPORARY HAIR COLOR no ammonia, expect this color to coat the cuticle layer of your hair.  

You may have seen strands of hair in tones of blues, pinks, oranges, rainbow on social media, The trend makes for pretty pictures, but the look is not for everyone, at least for long term. Temporary hair color is the choice for many colorists. 

Otherwise known as wash out hair color, it coats only the outside of the hair shaft, the results don't last. After the first or second shampoo, your new color will wash out, and your hair will return to its natural shade, There is no significant commitment nor damage to the hair. However, you should know that when applied to damaged hair, temporary hair color can appear stained after continued use over time. If you're visiting Philip Movius @ Liquid Salon, located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Trained in England, Tokyo, and New York, at Sassoon, Toni and Guy, and Bumble and Bumble. This is what you can expect to experience. Education: I'm teaching my clients; they come for a visit and a class, a university-level training for how to see themselves, and how to style their hair better each time. When hair coloring, I'm always working in references to architecture, paintings, and fabric.The hair coloring/styling process is a shared responsibility between the hair colorist/stylist and client. To get the most vibrant colors, we have to use bleach the downside your color washes out quickly, by leaving the bleached hair a little pale yellow it gives the hair color something to adhere to and won't fade out as fast. On maintenance: Sulfate-free shampoos, teaching never to shampoo the mid-shaft and ends. 

  • We wash hair because the scalp is oily.
  • Condition hair before shampoo goes on the scalp, so shampoo is removing conditioner as it washes over the mid-lengths and ends while being rinsed. 

Considering that clients are now doing their own grey touch up’s and some bleach outs...doing your gray touches up's in-between visits and bleached out rainbow colors at home. Remember, what you use at home sometimes is not the same as what's used in the salon, it becomes a shared responsibility to know what is being used at home and in the salon so that results can be predictable integrity of hair can be maintained. Coloring your hair, it's an investment now more than ever in cost and knowledge. 

  • SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR DYE no ammonia, there is no part A to mix with part B. Can darken hair color deposits only. 

What's better: Semi-permanent color is one component meaning not mixed with part A or Part B. The color generally lasts for around six to eight washes, depending on the type of shampoo used and the type of activities or lifestyle you live. 

Semi-permanent hair color can be an excellent option for additional shine and gloss or that in-between gray hair blending, toning of highlights used for color correction. You are helping to smooth the texture of your hair due to conditioning agents. One of the benefits of Semi-permanent hair color is no demarcation line. An excellent choice if your thinking about going natural, letting your natural color grow back in. If your hair is porous or damaged, it could retain some color, and the results may last a little longer. Semi-Permanent hair color is great if you're looking for short term change. Semi-Permanent could also be limited to shade selection. 

To be continued next more about 

  • DEMI-PERMANENT HAIR DYE no ammonia, Mixed with a part A hair color, and B low volume peroxide can darken hair color deposit only. 

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