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You Are What You Eat, But What Does Your Hair Say?

You Are What You Eat, But What Does Your Hair Say?

Let’s just delve into the science of it all for a moment.

Because our hair receives the same nutrients as the rest of our body, it’s safe to say that the type of food we eat reflects in our hair.

But have we ever thought about how our eating habits are affecting our hair follicles?

Food consumption affects us as a whole. So it’s obvious that any and all nourishment factors that we gain from said food will affect our hair.

What Your Hair Says about Your Diet

Ø  Your Hair Needs Dietary Fat

Cutting fat from your diet may help you lose weight. But it may also cause your hair to lose its natural sheen and strength. Healthy fats contribute to the health of our hair. So rather than just slashing all food from our diet, the best step would be to focus on consuming rich omega-3 fatty food and monosaturated fats. Good examples can include dark chocolate, oily fish, avocados.

Ø  You’re eating too Much Junk food

If your hair has become brittle and dull, you may need to cut off from that processed diet. It offers minimal support to your body. So any and all nutrients that you gain are often sent to the more crucial organs of your body, leaving your hair starved. Now, although your hair health won’t deteriorate as soon as you start munching on the burger-fries combo, relying on junk food for a longer time will soon show up in the lackluster appearance of your locks.

Instead of munching on chips, opt for chopped fruits and veggies. This will give your hair proper nourishment.

Ø  Your Hair Needs More Biotin

Hair falling out at an alarming rate? They’re probably starved for biotin.

You may have heard about biotin from the shampoo commercials. Biotin is an essential vitamin, necessary for your hair growth and health. Now, biotin is found in plenty of common foods, so your body won’t face any deficiencies. But if you do fall ill and are unable to consume proper meals, that will cause your hair to suffer because it won’t receive the right nourishment.

Ø  You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar

The more you learn about the harms of sugar, the more of a forbidden temptation it becomes. Nevertheless, too much sugar can affect your hair follicles—allowing it to shrink. This is more a problem for men though, since the hike in blood sugar levels can cause the body to pump out more insulin. That, in turn, increases the levels of androgen. It is this hormone that affects your follicles in an adverse way.

Ø  Your Scalp is not getting Enough Moisture

If you have a dry / itchy scalp, it’s a sign that your body is not getting enough fatty acids to make your hair cells supple. Polysaturated fats from food such as fish and nuts are vital in locking in moisture in our skin. If you do have a bumpy, flaky scalp, incorporating such foods would do a work of good. Just be careful in adding too much salt or sugar. Consuming an excess of either can transfer into oils that are released from your hair follicles, causing bacteria to grow.

Here at Natomy, we want what’s best for the beauty of your hair. By using the right natural hair products for your damaged or frizzy locks, you can take the right steps to bring your hair back to its former glory.

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