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You Can’t Stay Away From The Sun Forever

You Can’t Stay Away From The Sun Forever

Fried hair isn’t just a figure of speech.  

Too much sun can actually damage your hair by ‘cooking the hair shaft’. Saltwater and chlorine also take a toll on our tresses. but you can’t stay away from the sun forever.

Yes, summer is almost upon us. This means we’ll be soon heading to the beach and local public pool.

And by the end of summer, our hair—once shiny and manageable—looks like a lumpy fried mess.

The damage is obvious in color treated hair. Signs of damage are faded, bleached, and brassy looking hair. This doesn’t mean non-color treated hair don’t suffer from sun-induced stress. In fact, the giant yellow star is unforgiving to all types of hair.

Is there any way to reduce sun-damage this year? You can:

Wash Your Hair Less Often

We have seen this happening to our skin. Frequent hair washing strips scalp of natural oils, stimulating additional oil production which in turn makes hair look greasy. This causes people to wash their even more and the cycle continues.

Instead of washing every day, try rinsing in the shower after a sweaty day. You may need to invest in a natural dry shampoo if that doesn’t get rid of some oil. Natomy Beauty’s Natural Calm Shampoo is another alternative that is gentle to the scalp.

Another effective summer hack is soaking a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and dabbing it along your scalp. This will help dissolve some excess oil.

Wear Hair in Loose Styles

Gentle hair up-dos and styles will save your nape and scalp from the overbearing heat. Humidity and summer heat doesn’t allow anything else than loose, even messy buns and braids.

Luckily, YouTube is loaded with tutorials on how to make the perfect messy top-knot or sock bun! Not only will such hair styles provide the added UV protection, it also saves you from sweat.

Refrain from piling your hair up high in a tight pony-tail as this will damage hair further, causing hair fall.

Care for Your Hair Color

Color-treated hair requires extra care during the summer. Chemical laden color treatments damage hair, leading to excessive dryness and color fading.

Prevent this by choosing color-friendly hair care products. Wear a scarf or hat when you’re out in the afternoons or on a hot day.

Summer is synonymous with swimming and fun at the beach. Unfortunately, sweat, dust, and naturally-secreted oil make life difficult for your hair care.

Natural hair care solutions are effective as shown by experts and hair stylists. Build your hair care arsenal in preparation for the summer, with the help of Natomy Beauty!


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