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Seasonal Trends: Fashion Color Fall winter 2020 / 2021

This fall fashion trend for 2020 is certain to make you feel empowered, Voluptuous Sultry Red boost your already warm attitude, embolden your hair color, and radiate your upbeat energy. Whether you work it into your street style next fashion week or just enjoy your look while out with friends.

Lavender | Styling Cream Key Ingredient Series.

The lavender essential oil gained attention in 2016 for stimulating hair growth. Study 2016. Their hair also grew thicker and faster than normal. Per these studies, lavender oil may help with issues like pattern baldness or alopecia. There are antimicrobial properties it helps prevent bacteria and fungi from growing. 

Lavender essential oil could help 

  • Prevent head lice. 
  • Its aroma can calm down your nervous system
  • Stimulates blood circulation in your scalp
  • Help Prevent dry, itchy scalp
  • Can be used to prevent dandruff
  • Nourish and moisturizes the hair and scalp

Jojoba Oil | Styling Cream Key Ingredient Series.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil retains moisture, tame flyaways, and frizz, hydrate split ends and deter dandruff, smooth onto hair and, protect your hair before using hot tools. Massage jojoba oil and leave overnight for a deep conditioning mask.

Why Camella Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) is Good for Your Hair and Skin.


Hair benefits of green tea

Green tea is added to many hair care products for its purported benefits. Here are some potential hair benefits of green tea. 

May prevent hair loss.

Hair loss affects many men and women worldwide, and it has various causes, such as stress, diet, autoimmune diseases, and hormonal changes.

Everyday Styling Cream: Why Green Tea is good for your hair and skin.
Reduces skin inflammation, some hair products dehydrate your skin leaving your hands and scalp dry, tight, and itchy.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein | Styling Cream Key Ingredient Series.

The road to recovery "Making your hair great." 

Repairing the damage is not a single dose application, and "voila" your hair is back on track. Results can occur after the first treatment or up to two to three months of bi-weekly treatments.

2. Happy Defrizz Day

Happy De- Frizz Day

Tess secretly loved her highlights; they looked so natural a quick show of gratitude, smiling, "Thanks, Theo." 

At the same time, imaginary knives piercing Jenney's face and throat Tess's sky blue eyes now slightly green, a telltale sign when she is hurt or angry.

Frizzy frizzy hair Hair Ponytail Smooth Straight

1. Happy Defrizz Day

Happy De-Frizz Days

Jenney stood for a moment gawking at Tess's hair and said,

 "Your hair looks good," 

reaching into her handbag pulling out a brand new bandanna 

"Here put this on and wait;" 

the shuffling sound of loose lipsticks, then as if pulling a rabbit from a hat.  

"I got you a scrunchie." 

frizzy hair natomy styling cream

Thermal Hydrating Facial Mask Key Ingredients "Caviar"

Thermal Hydrating Facial Mask
Do you have to kill the fish to get caviar?
The answer is "No." Thanks to German Marine Biologist Angela Kohler, there is a way to extract caviar without killing it. Caviar is fish eggs (also known as fish roe), from the sturgeon fish family. Caviar's number one benefit? helps to prevent collagen and elastin breakdown." It works wonders on lessening the appearance of wrinkles. It contains hydrating elements such as the fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. "Omega-3 and omega-6 play an essential role in the integrity and barrier function of the skin. They provide moisture and leave behind a beautiful glow, making skin appear more radiant and youthful.
Thermal Hydrating Facial Mask
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