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You Are What You Eat, But What Does Your Hair Say?

Let’s just delve into the science of it all for a moment.

Because our hair receives the same nutrients as the rest of our body, it’s safe to say that the type of food we eat reflects in our hair.


The Myth of Rotating Your Shampoo Formula

You may have heard of this myth, and have even used it to your advantage to try out a new shampoo. Yes, we’re talking about the ol’ switching the shampoo bit, for stunning hair.

According to experts, switching your shampoo allows your hair to become revitalized. This is because your hair gets accustomed – and thus grows immune – to the shampoo you usually use.

Singed Your Hair? Use these Tips to Bring Back Your Luscious Locks

It’s almost comical when you end up singing your hair right before a big date or an event. You may act like you care about the state of your hair. But after the deed is done and dusted, that is when you stare at the burnt section of your hair in the mirror and start feeling the grief.

Wave or Curl? What Type of Hair Do You Have?

For long, people assumed that perhaps the terms ‘curly hair’ and ‘wavy hair’ were interchangeable.

However, with more stylists coming forward with some truly amazing products to take care of these tresses, people are now realizing that each has a significant difference.

10 Reasons You Need Jojoba Oil in Your Hair Care Routine

Using heated appliances or staying out in the sun too long can leave your poor locks looking dull and damaged. Thankfully, jojoba oil helps to rejuvenate your hair. Our favorite treat for tired, overheated hair is the Damaged Hair Repair kit.

"I Love Curly Hair" 

Natomy Beauty created a Curly/Wavy Hair Pre-Pack.  A active styling treatment system that protects, nourishes and replenishes both hard and soft Keratin cell. Your Hair and Skin.  Take a look at our 5 step guide for Healthy Beautiful Curly Hair.
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Having frizzy hair can be a nightmare.

Natomy has developed a step by step solution to Replenishing natural oils and inject moisture back into your hair. Each step and product has been designed to work together to maximize the stages of replenishing your hair back to a much calmer state.
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What’s in a Name: Exploring the Essence of the Natomy Beauty Brand

Is the recent winter weather causing extra dryness and frizz, or has heat styling wreaked havoc on your locks? Are you afraid that coloring your hair has done irreparable damage, or that your flat, fine hair will never have the body and volume you want? Alternatively, are your curls out of control? If you are tired of trying various hair care products without seeing the results you want, give Natomy Beauty a chance. Our products are specifically designed with your individual needs in mind, and we offer the very best in treatment and repair solutions. Browse our product lines, look at the ingredients lists, and consider how Natomy Beauty can change your outlook on hair care.

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