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Does exercise help with hair growth ?

Moderate exercise and diet are always suggested, but excessively working out and dieting can work the opposite way, leading to hair loss.
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Natomy Men Haircare Step by Step guide using Matte Styling Pomade with Palm Leaf Wax Green Tea.

Men's grooming a Matte finish for your hair, beard & mustache using the best ingredients beeswax, palm leaf wax & green tea.

Explore your individual style a step by step guide using Matte Styling Pomade For Men.

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Natomy Women's hair care step by step guide using Matte Styling Pomade with Palm Leaf Wax & Green Tea

Natomy Women's hair care step by step guide. 

Provides separation, texture and anti-frizz benefits for short to medium-length styles.

Natomy hair care. The Synergy of Nature and Harmony. Using the best ingredients: Beeswax, Green Tea, Palm leaf wax.

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What types of pomade are good for me?

Pomades have a creamy consistency. Therefore, pomade is considered a styling wax. One of the primary ingredients in pomade is palm leaf wax, beeswax.

A rare little tub of style!

Five Star 

'No where will you find a perfect little pomade to make your hair flair! A little emulsifying and you'll be styling'. 

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You Asked, We Answered – Basics of Growing Hair Without Protective Styling

Over here, ‘that’ in question is protective styling—a revolutionary product that has made styling easy, for all hair types. Another question most women ask regarding protective hair styling products is: can there be fast and long hair growth without protective hair styling?

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Want Healthy Curly Hair?

Here’s The Solution!

Curly hair can be fragile and difficult to tame.

The humidity and moisture can activate frizz in curly hair.

Looking For a Change For Your Curly Hair? These Styles Are Perfect For This Year!

What better way to show-off your natural curls? Celebrity hairstylist Theodore Perry of Natomy Beauty suggests accentuating rather than taming curls. There are a number of ways you can achieve a good result i.e. beautiful and well-defined curly hair. You don’t have to play with the iron to get the hair you want, for daily wear or at an occasion!

Is the Summer Heat Bringing Your Curls Down? Manage Hair Better With These 5 Tips!

Caring for naturally curly hair can be a pain in any weather. Taking care of your curls in the humidity and heat of summer is the absolute worse! Humidity is not your best friend – it can make your curls do crazy things…

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