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Hair Cutting With Curls – Rules To Get The Best Results

Maintaining curly hair is a lifestyle skill very few have mastered. Most of the times, maintaining curly hair means fighting and controlling frizz and wild flyaway hair. At other times, proper curly hair maintenance requires some additional boost and volume.

Dry, flat and frizzy hair is commonplace for curly haired beauties yet this effect can be curbed with the help of certain haircuts and Natomy Beauty’s curly hair treatment.

Here are some tips to follow/tell your hairstylist for getting the perfect haircut for curly hair!

Get a Style Designed Just for Your Curls

Know this – no two curls are alike. Hair salons use different techniques to cut curly hair, each one providing different results according to curl type and natural volume. The Carve and Slice is one cutting technique that is explicitly used for curly hair. How does this technique work?

It’s a curl specific angled hair cutting technique that helps to remove bulk from both sides of the head. The end result is a look different from the ‘pyramid look’. This type of cut will also enhance natural curl pattern of your hair.  

Look at Trim Damage for Color Treated Curls

You may love your color-treated curls but coloring and re-coloring too often can lead to massive hair damage and moisture depletion. Split-ends are the first sign of hair damage, nothing a good trim can’t fix!

Are you noticing a lot of frayed and split ends in your color-treated hair? This means cuticle of hair strands have split open and unable to retain moisture leading to dry, dull and frizzy hair. Schedule a hair cut (or just a trim) every 4-6 weeks to keep cuticle damage at bay.  

Ask Your Hairstylist To Cut Hair When Dry

It’s very important to cut curly hair in a dry and natural state. The reason ‘why’ is simple. Every curl on your head offers a different amount of curl spring factor. This means each curl will shrink differently when in a dry state.

Cutting one curly hair strand when it’s wet or straightened runs the risk of cutting two curls in the same snip. There could be a size difference in curls when hair dries or returns to its natural state.

Don’t Choose To Go Too Short

A short hairdo can seem like a good idea in the summer but be warned. You should steer away from this cut if you have super curly hair, if just to avoid that dreaded triangular look. Cutting your hair too short will also destroy your naturally curly look!

Curls work and look better with longer hair. A nice shape will form automatically where there is more length!

Are you maintaining your curly hair to promote better curl definition, volume, and health? Consider Natomy Beauty’s treatment for healthy curly hair.

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