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Looking For a Change For Your Curly Hair? These Styles Are Perfect For This Year!

What better way to show-off your natural curls? Celebrity hairstylist Theodore Perry of Natomy Beauty suggests accentuating rather than taming curls. There are a number of ways you can achieve a good result i.e. beautiful and well-defined curly hair. You don’t have to play with the iron to get the hair you want, for daily wear or at an occasion!

Take a look at the following hairstyles for your curly hair:

Curly Bangs

2016 was the year when celebrities, models, and socialites embraced their curls without having to chop them all into a short bob. This trendy hairstyle isn’t showing any signs of stopping – even as 2017 is halfway done, according to expert hairstylists.

Bangs are popularly used to bring volume to thinning hair; in fact this trend produces a dramatic look that emphasizes the eyes. Hairstylist Theodore Perry suggests the curly bangs haircut because it helps frame any face shape and enhances volume at the top. The result is a modern and balanced hairdo.

Hydrated Curls

It doesn’t matter what the trend or hairstyle is – the most essential foundation must always be healthy and hydrated curls. Thinking of bedecking your natural curls in a style rather than having a change in haircut? Moisturize those curls!

This is the only way whatever styles you pick will last besides facing less breakage and shedding. Invest in a natural extracts laden hydrating shampoo such as Moisture Care Shampoo. Use a deep conditioning mask every week. You can also take hair care inspiration from natural curly haired bloggers on YouTube along with stylists that provide support to the curly haired community.  

Side Flat Twists with High Ponytail

Don’t have a lot of time (nor patience) to achieve a stunning hair style for the weekend? This hairstyle will take less than 10 minutes of your time, keeping hair up and away from your face and look perfect for any occasion.

Curly hair sometimes requires versatility when it comes to hairstyle ideas, making this the perfect one showcasing an elegant combination of soft curls and flat twists. Keep the hair in place with basic clips for a strong yet gentle grip.

Headband Braids and Curls

It isn’t difficult to look after naturally curly hair with Natomy Beauty’s hair care line. Styling curly hair (that remains in place for long) is considerably more difficult.

Give your fine curls some much needed boost with crisscrossed braids that help tame curls while promoting a feminine look. Use Smoothing Serum to control frizz and give much needed moisture during the hottest days.   

Proper care of your curls doesn’t need to take out chunks of your time… Natomy Beauty offers curly-haired beauties effective treatments enriched with natural extracts for firmer, frizz-free and beautiful curls.    

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