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Hair Cutting With Curls – Rules To Get The Best Results

Maintaining curly hair is a lifestyle skill very few have mastered. Most of the times, maintaining curly hair means fighting and controlling frizz and wild flyaway hair. At other times, proper curly hair maintenance requires some additional boost and volume.

4 Tips to Better Manage Curly Hair This Summer – No Matter the Texture!

Summer and naturally curly wavy hair don’t mix well especially if you live somewhere with a lot of humidity. It can become tricky – trying to keep your curly hair looking spectacular in the summertime instead of a giant ball of frizz! What’s more, you won’t know what to expect with your mane of curls until disaster really strikes. Why is that?

Have You Tried These Temporary Hair Straightening Solutions for Curly Hair?

For some people – summer means frolicking at the beach with friends, sunbathing and generally having a good time. For others, this hot and sometimes humid month means spending hours trying to tame unruly curly hair. It’s a long and exhausting process, that doesn’t even offer good results half of the time!

Make Your Hair The Star of Any Show – Choose The Best Hair Color For Thinning Hair

Genetics – the one word that either makes or breaks you. It’s the reason why you have your mother’s eyes, your father’s height and your family’s penchant for fine hair. Ah, the curse of genetics!

DAMAGED HAIR REPAIR Everything You Need To Know!


Damaged hair lacks shine, has split ends & feels brittle to the touch.


The most common causes of damaged hair are:

  • Heating appliances
  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Excessive use of chemicals

Can Changing Your Hair Color Change Your Personality?

Do blondes really have more fun than the average colored brunette? Do natural red-heads look for attention and to be seen?

Is it really true that others view us on the basis of our chosen or natural hair color? Turns out… your hair color can convey a lot about your personality.

Men’s Edition: Color Your Hair When…

Why should girls have all the fun? This is not the era of metrosexuals. This is simply the era where women and men, both, have the choice to add a little oomph to their look.

Today, more men are heading towards natural hair colors that suit their existing shade and hue. There are many reasons why men prefer changing their existent hair color to something ‘extra’ or even to a more natural hue.

Highlights vs. Balayage – What Should I Choose?

Has your hair stylist ever propositioned a style change, from your preferred full highlights to balayage? Many try to transition clients who have full highlighted hair to this hair styling technique, which is both similar and different to highlights.

Are you still in the dark about difference in balayage technique? Following are highlighted differences between the two hair styling techniques.  

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