Application DMAE Neck & Chest Moisturizer

Neck creams do a world of good—when used with a strategy in mind so you can get the best results. Massage over the clean surface in a circular motion.

Your neck is very visible but often overlooked, an extension of your face. As with face cream, neck cream is best applied morning and night.

For the day remember to follow up with sunscreen SPF 15 or higher.

How to apply and when applying neck cream, be careful not to pull this delicate skin. Neck skin is much thinner than facial skin and tends to show age more quickly.

Just as you would on the face, apply your cream in upward-sweeping motions to discourage sagging. This strategy is no miracle cure, but working against gravity is always a good idea.

Use a super-light hand when applying your neck cream. Allow the product time to sink in before getting dressed or putting anything on top of it, as the cream can migrate very easily to the hair or shoulders, or settle into neck creases.

For optimal results and complete skincare routine, combine with our Caviar + Omega 3 DMAE Neck & Chest Serum & Mask.

Skincare Neck & Chest Moisturizer with DMAE Best Ingredients: 


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