How to apply Styling Cream with Soy and Green Tea

Hi and welcome, 

Thank you for joining me. Today's lesson how to apply Natomy's styling cream.

Simply! Styling Cream is very concentrated, use less rather than more. 

On clean towel-dried hair, squeeze a pea-size amount of Styling Cream into the palm of your hand, massage into the mid-lengths and ends of your hair only, comb through, and blowdry as desired. 

Styling cream is created to repair dry damaged hair, and smooth split ends. 

Step by step process for straight and smooth results:  

1) Shampoo your hair, ingredients that work for straight, smooth results on dry damaged hair include:

Squeeze out any excess water

2) Condition your hair, Ingredients that work for straight, smooth results on dry, damaged hair include:

3) After your shower, use a microfiber hair towel to dry your hair. 

4) Apply Styling Cream.

5) Blowdry and style your hair as desired.

Best Ingredients Styling Cream



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