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Styling Pomade

for men and women.

The best for Men hair styling, beard maintenance, and mustache care.

For me a Step by Step guide using Natomy Matte Styling Pomade.

A short video:

Men's grooming, I want a matte finish for my Hair, strong flexible hold for my Beard & Mustache a styling pomade that gives the best protection for my hair and skin.

Natomy using the Best Ingredients:

Beeswax, Palm Leaf Wax, Green Tea, Lavender, Geranium, Echinacea and Safflower

Explore your individual Style How to Create Definition Texture and Your Style

Place a small amount on your fingers run them through your hair starting at the roots Working your way to the ends
Men's Beard Care Promotes healthy facial hair Helps sculpt and moisturize adds weight control and hold.

The Man's Mustache Starting in the middle, moving to the tips repeat until mustache styled as desired.

Natomy Women's haircare step by step guide using Matte Styling Pomade

A short video:

Natomy Matte Hair Styling Pomade is perfect for women's hairstyling to create matte finish, textured hairstyles or keeping curls in place.
Looking, how to create separation, texture and have anti-frizz benefits for short to medium-length styles.
Step1. Pre- Dry your hair use a heat protectant or Styling Cream for additional control and conditioning.
Step 2. After pre-dry use your round brush or paddle brush to create your desired results.
Step 3. Place a small amount of pomade on your fingers rub your fingers together.
Step 4. Add a bit of the product to the ends of the hair.
Step 5. Sculpt your individual curls, Create definition, control, and texture.

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